Advertising In Atlantic Canada Is Better

Why Advertising is better in Atlantic Canada 

Skills, money, talent, hard work, and results. That’s one hell of a combination to find in anyone you can call a teammate. But there’s one key thing that wasn’t included in that lineup. Can you work with this person? And…Can they work with you? Chemistry… It’s the one thing time or money can’t change. Any skill can be learned, any talent can be found, any motivation can be given, and results? They’ve been broken down to a science.  But chemistry? That’s earned. And when it comes to living in an area where you make less and live a fuller life, suddenly chemistry matters much more to you. That’s why advertising in Atlantic Canada is difficult only if you don’t have an understanding of Atlantic Canadian’s.

Example of priceless moment, valued by Atlantic Canadians
This is a great example of concepts that hit home in Atlantic Canada. A priceless moment of parents with their two children.

Advertise The Priceless, Not The Price List

In Atlantic Canada, there’s a general bias towards the intangible. The feeling you get when you walk into work, when you meet someone inspirational in a meeting, when you go home and see your wife and kids. That’s the stuff you can’t measure or put into a cup. But it’s why Atlantic Canadians have a bias towards sentiment and emotion. They really care about who they work with, because that’s time away from family and being home. So when it comes to advertising in Atlantic Canada, it’s not so much of a curve ball as much as it’s an opening of the racing gates. You get to put down the magnifying glass, and look into your heart. You get to lead with the priceless, not the price list. There’s no need to polish the message to make it more flashy, or fill it with facts.

A Tight-Knit Community

Your advertising is best received through fundraisers and charitable events. Things that show you have a sense of community involvement. Things like humour in your advertising campaigns lend a hand to forging chemistry and building a general sense of trust and community, because that’s what Atlantic Canada is. A tight knit community of people who are hospitable, who are givers, and who look to trust in one another. If you’re wondering why it’s different Advertising in Atlantic Canada, here’s an article that may interest you.

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