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Digital Advertising Specialist: Job Description

Stressed WomanWhat To Look For

We told you why you should hire a digital advertising specialist. Now we’ll show you what you should look for when hiring a digital advertising specialist. We understand it can feel like you’re out of your depths with some of the technical jargon in job descriptions. But all it is is labels for tasks so they can be individually identified. This article is a great jumping off point when looking at a digital advertising specialist job description.


Selecting The Right Digital Advertising SpecialistA Good Digital Advertising Specialist Job Description

Let’s look at this hiring ad put out by Bluetent for a digital advertising specialist.

We’ll break down the parts of the job description that might be difficult to understand just in case you have no background in what a digital advertising specialist job description should look like.


The first line says “setup and ongoing optimization and management of PPC/Digital Advertising campaigns for multiple clients.” What PPC means is pay-per-click. It’s a form of advertising companies use to ensure their ads are getting engagement. An oversimplification of it is being able to purchase clicks on your digital ad. It also serves as a measuring tool to know if the campaigns are worth continuing or not. A good digital advertising specialist is able to create and manage these campaigns for multiple clients at a time.

A/B Testing

The second point is “Management of ad budgets, A/B testing ad creatives, keyword research, setting up audiences, and optimizing for conversions and KPIs.” Let’s unpack what A/B testing is. Essentially, it’s the same as doing a case study, where you have two groups and you test them slightly differently and study the results. Unlike the case studies, A/B testing gives you results for your business. For example, if you have an online store and you’d like to test whether customers engage better with a “buy now” button or an “add to cart” button, you’d create two websites and measure the difference in engagements.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is important, as it’s what allows you to know what is trending, and what keywords to use in your advertising.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Let’s break down KPI’s. KPI means key performance indicators. It allows companies to set goals and measure their success based on it. A good example of a KPI is how many new customers you acquire a month.

Woman Asking questionWhat Does This Mean For You?

Of course a digital advertising specialist job description will differ from company to company. But this listing by Bluetent is a great example of what you can expect of an experienced digital advertising specialist. Now, each company will have slightly different needs, including your own. This article’s goal is to create encouragement for business owners that find the task of hiring an expert in this field daunting.


Expert WomanBut Why Should You Hire An Expert?

Well, it’s only the single most common trait of successful businesses. The idea is to hire enough experts that you become the most useless person in the room. That way, the business can run itself. It’s like raising kids. You don’t raise them to stay dependent on you. You raise them to become independent of you. While we’re on the topic of digital advertising specialists and job descriptions, let’s discuss why Antimatter is a viable choice for businesses.


Antimatter Digital Advertising SpecialistsWhat Antimatter Can Do For You

If you decide not to hire an expert, that means you have to become the expert. If you decide not to become the expert, then you will eventually need to shut your business down because your competitors will become the expert. You don’t have to hire a whole fleet of experts at once. In fact, hiring an expert as an employee is probably not a sound decision either if you don’t have the funds. The average expert salary for a digital advertising specialist is about $75,000 – $80,000 a year. Instead, you can hire an agency for a fraction of the cost. An agency like Antimatter.

Multiple Experts Working TogetherA Lot More, For A Lot Less

When you hire Antimatter, you’re not hiring one expert, you’re hiring a team. That means you get multiple experts working on one thing at the same time. So instead of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars, instead you’re only paying thousands of dollars that will most likely give you a good return on your investment. It’s like wanting to have a rugby team, and instead of being the coach, you decide to play by yourself against a full rugby team. So when just one experienced expert costs you $80,000 dollars, you can instead hire an entire team (like Antimatter) and save $20,000 – $30,000 in yearly costs. Not to mention, you can most likely 3x your investment. 

If you’re still unsure about hiring a digital advertising specialist, you should read this article on why they are a great idea.