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Advertising is a tricky business. Digital advertising is a whole new frontier for many business owners, despite it… not really being old. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners are stuck in the old ways of advertising. Be it through television, posters, radio ads, etc… All of which work, but surprisingly not as good as they used to. And not as good as Digital advertising can be. That’s why hiring a digital advertising specialist is a good idea, especially if you are new to adopting the ways of digital marketing in general. 

Case StudyOur Case Studies

We’ve had a few clients that weren’t against digital advertising, but just haven’t gotten around to integrating it into their business model. We love working with those clients, because the turn around usually leaves a lasting impression on everyone involved. But we’ll keep it short and only give a few examples.    

Dart Frog Events LogoDart Frog Events Inc.

Let’s talk about Dart Frog Events Inc. We helped them sell 10,000 products online. They started out as a small local pub crawl company that averaged 500 ticket sales per year. We changed that to 7,000 tickets per year. We also helped them reach 1.2 million facebook views. Needless to say, they went viral all over Canada. This was all done digitally. If you want to do the math, they went from 500 sales a year with tickets at $30, to 7,000 sales a year with tickets at $40.

Premiere Mortgage Centre Logo

Premiere Mortgage

Let’s not forget about one of our original clients. Premiere Mortgage Centre. They’ve been loyal to us for over 6 years and continue to do so because we meet all of their marketing needs. In the beginning, premiere only averaged 50 organic views per month. Today, Premiere has over 1000 site visits per month and counting. Not only that, we manage the web development and graphic design needs of all 200 of their brokers. Now, Premiere is the #1 Brokerage in Atlantic Canada. Not to mention, they 3x their investment with us.

Kool T's Logo

Kool T’s

Kool T’s is one client we are especially happy to have met. It’s a small T-shirt print business located in the North End of Halifax. They had no online presence. No online reach. No online marketing. Antimatter changed their entire business model. We saw that they weren’t benefitting from being a brick and mortar business. So we helped replace it with an e-commerce website instead. We decided to make  small change that would have a big impact. That was to design the website to allow for users to create their own T-shirt designs. We followed through this change by adding something else: direct shipping. So users could use Kool T’s website to design, print, and have their prints shipped directly to them. In two years, Kool T’s has processed over 400 online orders. They made a 100% return on their investment by trusting Antimatter.

Digital Advertising Specialist (Relaxed woman)The Right Side Of Time

The idea behind all of this is that it’s not a drastic and financially draining change that needs to be made. It’s about reading the situation and understanding how to create practical and achievable solutions. Part of it is just getting on the right side of time, and embracing the developments in technology it’s brought us. That’s why a digital advertising specialist is not such a bad idea. In fact, it’s a pretty great idea. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Afterall, digital advertising is just a part of digital marketing as a whole. Maybe you should think about hiring a digital marketing specialist.

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