Digital Marketing Agency Partnerships (Helping your clients grow)

Digital Marketing Agency Partnerships

Good cakeGood Cake

Creating a partnership with a digital marketing agency is crucial in allowing any business to thrive. If you think marketing is only needed for a short period of time to get success in the long run, well, you’re mistaken. Marketing is an ongoing process, and the better your relationships with your local agencies are, the better digital marketing agency partnerships will give back to you. There are many benefits, from pricing flexibility, to the intangible benefits of working so closely with people for a long period of time. Either way you slice it, you’re eating good cake.

Aligning Values (digital marketing agency partnerships)Aligning Values

It doesn’t always have to be about money, sometimes it’s about how your values align with the client. In an ideal world, that would be all you look at. But we’re not ones to turn away from a  potentially ideal situation. Take Dart Frog Events for example. They were in the early stages of development and at the time could only afford so much. So we provided them an hourly discount with a profit sharing model that gave us a percentage of their profits from their growth. We did this because our values and experience align with the client.

Contracts vs PartnershipsPartnerships Vs Contract Work

A partnership however, doesn’t have to fit in one box, it can take on any form. For example, when we worked with Quickfacts they only had 10-20 users for their website. We partnered up with the owner and understood her vision. This allowed us to take the reins on her behalf and 10x her platform. She now has 160 users instead of 10-20. We worked with her for almost 13 months. It was an ongoing development that was top to bottom. She completely trusted us to redevelop her entire company. New website, redesigns, new software, you name it we did it. This is what good digital marketing agency partnerships looks like. If there was no partnership, there wouldn’t be such a stark difference in the return on investment. Otherwise, we would have just been hired to do a job and leave when all was said and done. It’s really not about the money. It’s about growth, with people you care about.

Client Logo On Truck (Premiere Mortgage Centre)
Client’s logo on truck in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia.

More Than Money

Our growth with Premiere Mortgage Centre is a stark one. I remember walking downtown and seeing our clients logo on a big building. It’s one of those moments that makes you stop and smell the roses. We played a role in something that wasn’t just living on a computer screen. We redesigned and rebranded our client’s logo, and now it’s on a commercial truck downtown. It’s a memorable moment, realizing you played a role in your clients journey. Not only that, you get to see how far they’ve come. You then also start to think about, and realize you’ve also helped improve the proficiency of the staff. We created software that made their lives easier. That’s a change you love to see. Money only lasts as long as you need it, but the impact you have on people’s lives stays with you.

Find Good Digital Marketing Agency PartnershipsFind Good Digital Marketing Agency Partnerships

Regardless of what it is that drives you, it’s important you align your business and yourself with people and businesses of similar values. There are intangible things, like day to day quality, personal growth, and cultural impact that can be created because of the energy we put into things. Money and wealth can only motivate us for so long. So it’s important to incorporate these intangible benefits into our business journey. 

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