Digital Marketing Halifax

We Live In A Digital World

We live in a digital age where a lot of our time is invested inside our telephone screens and computers. There’s now a presence the digital world has in our lives that is undeniable and unchangeable. The sending of a message, which used to cost months of time and sometimes the life of the messenger, is now reduced to an instant. We are connected in a way we never imagined, and coincidentally, it’s so far our best attempt at telepathy, albeit an unconscious one.  So what does this mean to you? It means you have a digital voice. A digital presence. It’s harder now to resist having one that it is to embrace. And if you’re a business? Not having a digital voice can single handedly shut you down. That’s why digital marketing is crucial to keep your business moving.

Potential For Good

With this digital integration we now have the ability to know strangers intimately, and because of this, we’re now closer to understanding our behaviours on a psychological level never seen before. The digital world is giving us a level of understanding and connection with each other that has so many applications for good. One I’d like to focus on is connecting with people who need your service, and in turn, whose lives would be better because of your service. Think about being able to know who needs your help without ever having met, or even spoken to them. Imagine, market yourself to the people who want and need your service the most. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. This is actually the age we live in. It’s called the digital marketing age, and here in Halifax, we’re holding down our own at Antimatter Creative Labs.

No Room For Doubt

Think of it this way, I know what you’re searching for, and I know where you’re going. If you know all these things about your client your marketing is going to be 10 times more powerful than without digital marketing. So we casually joke about Facebook watching us, but yet, we feel digital marketing far fetched, or unproven? That doesn’t check out. The times are changing and so should our tactics of presenting ourselves to the people that are looking for us. Take ‘Digital Marketing Halifax,’ for example. It’s a keyword searched up on Google about 10 times per month and the reason why I know this is because Antimatter Creative Labs is a digital marketing agency and if we didn’t know this we wouldn’t be serving our clients very well.

Seize What You Have

With things like crypto currency and NFTs taking a new hold on the world, and facebook announcing meta, is it really weird to think that your physical habits, like which store in Halifax you walk into and what street in Halifax you frequent, to be replaced by digital ones like which websites you visit and which digital store you purchase from? Your digital footprint is now as close to being connected to your physical one as it’s ever been… So why not leverage the digital world to better your life by 10x’ing your digital marketing right now?  The power of digital marketing is amazing! We learned this the hard way when launching our first venture. If you want to learn how 800,000 views destroyed my first business then click the story to read more. If you’ve read this far, you’re now part of our full page readers club and as a thank you email us your website URL to receive a screen capture of your digital footprint. Title the email: Digital Marketing Halifax to [email protected]

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