Hiring A Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist WorkingHiring A digital Marketing Specialist

Being a business owner means taking on a lot of uncertainty. Whether it’s a constantly changing climate, managing employee morale, dealing with client needs, the list goes on. It can really feel like you’re aiming at a moving target, and in many ways… you are. We’re now coasting through especially uncertain times, and businesses are shutting down left and right. It’s as though the economy has turned into a ghost town, aside from a lucky few. But… are they lucky? Or are they just making the right decisions? It can be easy getting stuck on having your business run a certain way, but times are changing. So should we. There’s a particular stigma around hiring a digital marketing specialist if you’re a small to medium sized business. The stigma is that it’s only something big businesses do and that it’s not a sound financial decision otherwise. We’re here to tell you that it is.

Time And GrowthThink Of The R.O.I.

Common sense would tell you that if you had only $60k to spend, that hiring an employee would give you a better return on your investment than hiring a digital marketing specialist for the same amount would. There’s a few differences between hiring an employee and hiring a digital marketing specialist. The simplest way to view it is, when it comes to the new employee you’re the specialist. conversely, when it comes to the digital marketing specialist, well, they are the specialist. That means when they come on board, you can focus your energy on the really important things, while the specialist (along with their team) works for you. The beautiful thing about it is that agencies are performance based, so you aren’t obligated with troubleshooting issues before you can terminate the contract. You can also (in most cases) get your money back, and that’s not an option when hiring an employee. The point is there are different rules that govern the engagement with both options, as well as pros and cons. But when we are focusing on business growth by increasing clientele, it gets pretty clear which of the two is the better route.

Here’s a simpler way of looking at this:

Hiring Employee
New Employee

Hiring an employee means…

  • Training them for 3 months
  • Commitment to troubleshooting, unable to terminate immediately
  • Not performance based
  • Does not guarantee R.O.I.
    Happy Woman Working
    Digital Marketing Specialist

Hiring a digital marketing specialist means…

  • No training required
  • They are committed to you, and giving you results
  • Performance based, you can terminate anytime
  • Guarantees R.O.I. by an average of 3x your investment
  • R.O.I. can be enough to hire a new employee without eating up net profit

Hiring Digital Marketing Specialist (return on investment)A Specialist Can 3x Your Investment

In layman’s terms, you can hire a digital marketing specialist and 3x your investment, which in turn allows you to hire two employees instead of just one. Or you can hire one employee and hire the same digital marketing specialist for another round of performance, which means another round of profit for you and your company. This is not a sound financial decision reserved for big businesses. This is a strategy that small to medium sized businesses can apply and see real results from. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise as it often takes a village to get something done. When you hire a digital marketing specialist you are really hiring a team, maybe 10, maybe more. All working together on producing results for you. This isn’t an article knocking employees, however. They are the arms and legs of your business and are integral to its success. But when you decide to hire an employee is crucial and can decide whether you sink or swim during trying times.   We wouldn’t promote hiring a digital marketing specialist without letting you know that it’s our forte. Here’s a quick article that can show you what a Digital advertising specialist can do for your company.

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