The best Halifax Inbound Marketing company strategy that no one ever talks about.

Take Control With Inbound Marketing

The best way to build trust with your clients is to start by building trust with your community. You know the saying “the proof is in the pudding?” Well, consider inbound marketing. It’s the equivalent of you making your own “proof” pudding. I didn’t know this concept during the early stages of my business. Now I can’t imagine not incorporating community involvement in my business. Not only does it help build trust, but it also creates a seamless and effortless integration of inbound marketing. If you’re a business in Halifax, then keep reading.  

Halifax Inbound Marketing Company talk with David Squires and Nick Stoddard
Dave Squires and Nick Stoddard

It’s All About Values

When we recognized that our company could really help Halifax non-profits raise funds we couldn’t take our attention away from it. We quickly learned that the logistics of it (writing proposals, meetings, etc…) was very time consuming. And after some deliberation we realized the easiest way to know which non profit to pick was to look at their values! By finding a non profit that shared our values, it made ‘making the right choice’ much easier. It came as a surprise that our little inbound marketing company strategy would land us on the Global News, and multiple news sources across the maritimes. From getting the attention of West Jet Canada, to local companies. But let’s take a second and go over what inbound marketing even means.    

Company inbound marketing with juniorpreneurs
Teaching juniorpreneurs to advertise using inbound marketing strategies

Inbound Marketing Definition

According to this Hubspot article, “Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. While outbound marketing interrupts your audience with content they don’t always want. Inbound marketing forms connections they are looking for and solves problems they already have”.  

How Do You Leverage Inbound Marketing?

You may be wondering “as a Halifax company, how do we use inbound marketing to improve our business?” Or you might be thinking “how would inbound marketing attract clients or get them excited about our products?” The short answer is to do something impactful with your community. Take a five minute break from selling and get involved in any capacity you can. By increasing your stock within the community, you increase the quality of view the community has of you. It doesn’t have to break the company budget, either. Something as simple as a 4-8 month side project your employees can opt in or out of. It doesn’t have to be an overnight sensation. Think of your long term strategy. The slow burn, if you will. Halifax Inbound marketing company event strategy

Let’s Get The Ball Rolling For You

Pick a non-profit organization you’d like to support. Next, choose one of the three things to drive attention to their non profit: Events, competitions, or food drives. After you deciding, the next step is to ease the financial burden on your company. Find volunteers within Halifax or your organization who are willing to support their community. Next, write down what you’re trying to accomplish for that non profit, and contact the following groups with information about your initiative: Government funding programs, bank partnerships, or small & large business partnerships.

Long Lasting Business Relationships

You’ll be amazed to see the amount of support you receive. For us at Antimatter Labs, this strategy created long lasting business relationships with RBC, WestJet Canada, J.D shore, Vogue Optical, Popeyes Supplements, Deluxe Paints, and so many more from the Halifax downtown core. This can connect you to potential clients as it connects you with local businesses as well. As a Halifax company your inbound marketing strategy will bring you potential customers, new business relationships, and you’ll be giving back to your community all seemingly without extra effort. How’s that for company moral?

Nick Stoddard & CUA community changemaker award
Veith House donation from CUA & Nick Stoddard

So, What Are You Waiting For?

In the end, there are going to be pits and falls when developing a Halifax centric inbound marketing strategy. But that comes with doing anything. Nonetheless, We hope this blog assisted you with your research. However, if you need more information on inbound marketing check out our article on why inbound marketing is so important (in more depth). If you need more information on this stay tuned for part two and subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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