“Where’s Your Logo?”


Logo Design

Logo Design, logo design, logo design… Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. What a hassle, right? You’ve spent so much time and energy (and money) on developing this business idea, getting it tested to see if it works, and now you’re finally ready to launch, but– oh wait! “You need a logo! Where’s your logo?” What logo? “YOUR logo!” But you don’t even have one “Well go get one!” But, HOW?– We’re how. Us. Antimatter Creative Labs. And we’ve got logo design Nova Scotia in our sights.

Do You Really Need it?

We know it can be really hard. Describing your business can be tough on its own, and now, you have to describe yourself through a picture… C’mon, right? You mean to tell me that all of my time and energy can be for nothing if I don’t have a picture to use as my avatar? Unfortunately, yes. Logo design is one of the most important aspects of your virtual business front. It tells the people you want to attract that you are a legitimate business.

Example of why Logo Design is important (shop sign with no logo)
Here’s an example of a shop sign with no logo. Does not look welcoming!

No Logo Design? That Doesn’t Look Right!

Think of it this way: Imagine rating a restaurant’s food based on its logo quality. Absurd, right? Now, imagine going into a restaurant that had no logo design or colour scheme whatsoever. You most likely can’t, because you most likely haven’t. Either that, or you imagined a very questionable neighbourhood with a great local food spot, but I digress. The point is, logo design is one of those things that is non-negotiable. But once you have it, it’s kind of… forgettable. So we understand the frustration. But think of it as having a bottle of water when you are thirsty. As long as you know it’s there, it’s basically forgettable. But that doesn’t mean it stops being essential.  

We Make Logo Design Easy

Now that we’ve established the importance of logo design, let’s talk about Antimatter Creative Labs. At Antimatter, we’ve got logo design in nova scotia lined in our sights. And we’re set out to make it easy for businesses in Nova Scotia to acquire a custom logo design. We do this through our logo design package. Below is an example of what our logo design process looks like from beginning to end.  

What It Takes To Design A Logo.

    intro to our process for logo design in nova scotia  


stage one in our process of logo design in nova scotia

Clients Proposal (Stage One)

Let’s walk you through the process of creating a logo, realistically. First step, you need a logo and you need to express the general theme and value of your business. Chances are, you know what that looks like, or at least, have a scent that we can help you follow. This is done by sending us a sketch proposal for your logo, along with a description to help us understand it (and you) better.




Initial Logo Designs (Stage Two)

Our team created 3 designs closely to the client’s proposed concept. The colour was chosen along with similar shades to compliment the design and three layout styles of the logo within the initial designs presented.

  stage two in our process of logo design in nova scotia       stage three in our process of logo design in nova scotia  

Logo Design Revisions (Stage Three)

The client choses one of the concepts from the initial designs presented, with specific request of 3 various colour changes. At which time our team made improved versions of the chosen concept with direction of the client to present a revised set to the preferred design.


Final Touches (Stage Four)

On the second and final revision the client chose the colour scheme “Breezy”. The client then requested two final options with a medium and large icon to choose between. They also requested the larger icon have an “E” doubled in size for visibility

stage four in our process of logo design in nova scotia       Final product from our example of our process for logo design in nova scotia

Completed Logo Design (Stage Five)

Upon review of the last two options presented, the client chose the final design as their new logo. The Client now has a brand image that they can feel proud about. Our goal is to achieve the logo you envision and providing a sketch or draft copy of your concept, will allow usto bring your design to life in this particular Design Package


What Does This Mean For You?

We’re not in the business of giving people more work to do. We’re in the business of giving you less work, so you can better focus on shaping your dreams and goals into reality. All you have to do is decide why you want a logo and what it means. We do the rest. But our formula for easy doesn’t stop at logo design. We also have more than a knack for software development.

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