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The logo of a company is the first interaction people have with it. It must be beautiful, easy to understand, and most of all memorable. Logo’s aren’t the foundation of your business, but they are the flag. And what’s a castle without an honourable flag? A marketing manager can help you design the right presence for your business. But it all starts with graphic design. However you don’t need a degree or even any background in graphic design. All you need is a marketing manager in Halifax to get you where you need to be.

Marketing Manager Halifax (Graphic Designer)Graphic Design

Graphic design does not start and stop at the logo design. It’s in your advertisements, your campaigns, it’s in your office theme, and it’s in your social media presence. Usually the first thing that comes to your mind when you imagine a graphic design is a logo. And although the logo is extremely important, it’s clearly not all graphic design has to offer. As a business owner it’s tough to keep up with managing your graphic design and knowing where or how to direct it. That’s why having a marketing manager can guarantee success. It’s their job!

Epilepsy Association Before (Logo)Epilepsy Association After (Logo)Marketing Manager

Having a marketing manager oversee the face of your business can be the difference between having a boring or exciting presence. Take our client the Epilepsy Association of the maritimes. They needed a marketing manager in Halifax to help them uplevel their presence. Their logo did the job of a logo but it didn’t do much more than that. It didn’t pull you in or make you curious as to what establishment the logo was for. Their new logo does all of that and more! Their new logo now is a talking point on their website and represents their values in a manner that makes them proud.

More Examples

That’s not the only success we’ve had with clients and their logos. Take Dart Frog Events, Majak Events, Evan Real Estate for example.. See for yourself and you will immediately be drawn to the revamped logos.

Dart Frog Events Before (Logo)Dart Frog Events Logo (After)



Dart Frog Events

For Dart Frog Events, their logo was almost hard to read. It did the job as a logo carrying the business name, but it had no brand presence. No attractive qualities, and lacked any sort of communication past the name. The new design is sleek, elegant, modern, and has a sense of standard about it. It pulls you in and just off of the logo image you can begin to build a sense of trust with the brand.

Majak Environment Before (Logo)Majak Environmental After (Logo)


Majak Environmental

Majak’s first logo was very much grass roots. Again, it did the job and told you what it was, but that’s all it did. It lacked the earthy qualities of the new logo. It also had a sense of disorganization about it, even seeming to disagree with itself when you look between the logo, the text, and the footprints. There’s a charm in being what you are versus claiming to. That’s the difference between their new logo and old one. The new one has a sense of authority and not just authenticity. It also has an attractive quality about it that makes you inquisitive.

Evans Real Estate Before (Logo)Evan Real Estate After (Logo)


Evan Real Estate

Evan Real Estate is a good example of incorporating geographical landmarks. It allows you to hone in on the market you want to penetrate. In the case of Evans’ old logo it had nothing that signified Halifax. This can highlight the pros of hiring a marketing manager in Halifax as opposed to remote. We immediately knew which buildings were synonymous with Halifax. One’s the average haligonian would immediately recognize. The new logo has a richness, quality, and standard about it that the old one lacked. Again, reeling you in with an attractive quality that welcomes intrigue.


It’s clear that a marketing manager can do a lot for any business. It’s almost sacrilegious not having a marketing manager if you take your business seriously. So If you’re a business owner who’s ready to trust a marketing manager in Halifax, look no further. Antimatter Creative Labs is ready to take your business to the next level. To learn more about Antimatter, read this article on how we can build the software of your dreams.

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