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Dart Frog Design is 100% local talent, but that doesn’t mean all our experience is from Halifax. We have been fortunate enough to work with some major brands such as Blockbuster Entertainment, The Toronto Blue Jays and The Toronto Raptors, and local charities such as Feed Nova Scotia.

The one thing though no matter what brand we work on, big or small, is that we keep in mind “how can we constantly give back to our community. We truly are so lucky to be living in Halifax, Nova Scotia all while building a successful career here.

It’s with that in mind, that we created our corporate social responsibility platform. A portion of all projects are nonprofits. This means we give nonprofits the same attention, abilities, and tools that we would big brands for a fraction of the price. This way nonprofits can now become better at marketing, networking, and leveraging their message. This is just one way we get back to the community.

We believe in People, Planet, Profit, the triple bottom line. This means we work with people who have ethical work habits, and are driven to make a change. In everything we do, we find a way to give back to our planet and the community around us. And if we do both these things we know the profits will come.

This is the Dart Frog Design way.

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