creating your universe

Why Antimatter?

It’s simple; We’ll save you all the theoretical science, astrophysics, and other confusing terms and knowledge behind Antimatter, but basically, it’s this new exciting science that helps explain creation and an expanding universe that we cannot yet see.

And that’s the ideals behind Antimatter Labs, helping businesses and brands create their universe and take it to places they didn’t realize it could belong.

Antimatter was born in the ever-expanding business front that is Halifax, Nova Scotia. With several major universities, colleges, and startups, this was the perfect place to become the epicentre of what we are.

what is antimatter?

Antimatter is that perfect balance of design, marketing and sales experience, with new tech, creativity, and innovation. Proven leaders working with savvy graduates bring the most-strategic and comprehensive campaigns, designs, and measurables to your company.

Our favourite part of Antimatter is working with our many clients to help bring their sketches, their ideas, and their imagination to life. We excel at providing the best web design, graphic design, print, social media, and marketing to our clients. And we do all of this for a very affordable and inexpensive cost. We believe that powering your brand should not be expensive, riddled with hidden agency costs, but rather it should be inexpensive and easily transparent.

what drives Antimatter?

We also take great pride in explaining to our customers that a portion of every penny made goes into a special account, which helps subsidize projects and campaigns for local non-profits and charities. This means these community organizations will get the web development, graphic design and marketing they need for a very reduced rate. This allows them to get their message across strategically while using their money elsewhere, where it is needed most. It’s the core of Antimatter’s “Corporate Social Responsibilities” platform to have 40% of our projects be non-profit or charities. This is how we do our part to better our community and the world around us.

Come see what Antimatter can do for your business today, by requesting a free quote and beginning to create your universe.