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“It was a pleasure to work with this company. 10/10 would recommend for all your web-based needs”

Cove Drinks

Halifax Web Development

How can we help you?

Web Development

Is your current website failing to reflect the quality of your business? We craft digital platforms that captivate visitors and drive organic growth.

Logo Design

Does your logo fail to stand out or represent your brand effectively? Let’s collaborate for a unique, unforgettable logo that elevates your brand.

Branding Services

Is your brand failing to resonate with your target audience or drive loyalty? Let’s craft a magnetic brand identity and marketing strategy that turns customers into promoters.


Is your current website failing to meet your expectations for sales? We create e-commerce websites that drive sales and increase user engagement with creative designs. 

Web Design

Is your website’s design unengaging and not user-friendly? Experience designs that are as functional as they are visually appealing, turning visitors into loyal customers.

SEO Services

Is your website not getting enough traffic? Rise to the top with our SEO strategies that boost rankings and visibility.

Content Development

Is your content failing to engage readers or drive conversions? Our compelling content turns readers into fans and boosts your industry authority.

Why our clients love us!

The longevity of our client relationships speaks volumes.
87% of our clients choose to stay with us for the long term.

Shelby Parkinson

Great experience working with the Antimatter team! Their expertise was so valuable in bringing our website vision to life. The team was available to discuss edits/pivots in the project and open to working collaboratively to make sure everyone was happy with the finished product.

Laura Lundquist

Fantastic to work with! Antimatter really understood my business “pain points” and helped us improve our digital real estate! So grateful for the guidance they have given us!

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Our custom approach will help you sleep at night

Imagine effortlessly plugging in expert teams on-demand.
No lengthy recruitments, no communication hassles, just scalable expertise, ready to deliver.

Why choose Antimatter?

We are digital rescuers.

In an era where brands can easily fade into the background, we will transform your outdated digital assets into modern masterpieces that are remembered.

We don’t promise; we deliver

Our word is our bond. With Antimatter, you’re gaining a reliable partner committed to your brand’s success.

Our growth story mirrors our commitment.

Continuous evolution, relentless dedication, and a passion for what we do. Our journey began with local businesses in Halifax, and today, we’re shaping international brands.

For us, it’s not just about completing a project.

It’s about forging lasting relationships, understanding your vision, and turning it into a digital reality. We’re in it for the long haul.

We work with exclusive industries

Multi Location Brands

For brands with multiple locations, a cohesive online presence is crucial. We craft digital spaces that resonate with each locale. Perfect for brands looking to harmonize their online presence.


Showcase your fintech solutions on a user-friendly website. Ideal for fintechs aiming to boost user adoption without the tech jargon.


We ensure that every franchisee’s site mirrors the brand’s essence while allowing room for local flavour, making each franchise feel both unique and part of a bigger family.

Venture Capital

Highlight investment opportunities on an engaging website. Perfect for firms eager to attract a fresh wave of digital-savvy investors.


Streamline patient interactions with an intuitive online website and branding. We develop patient-centric websites that simplify appointment bookings and customer engagement.


Reach your ideal custom with effective branding and web development. Ideal for insurers aiming to simplify and enhance client interactions. More business, more trust.

Food & Beverage

We craft immersive web experiences that showcase your unique products and offerings, turning online visitors into clients. Ideal for establishments ready to boost online sales.


Present your legal expertise on a platform that’s both authoritative and accessible. Perfect for law firms ready to engage a wider client base.

Mortgage & Finance

Attract more clients, facilitate faster transactions, and watch your business thrive as we elevate your online presence. Perfect for firms looking to attract and educate clients effortlessly.

Real Estate

We make it easy for potential buyers and renters to envision their next home. Ideal for realtors and agencies looking to elevate their online listings and drive more property inquiries.


Boost your cause’s voice with compelling content. Ideal for non-profits ready to engage more supporters digitally. More clicks, more support, and a whole lot more love for your cause.


Launch with a site that’s as cool as your idea. Turn heads, get clicks, and let’s get this digital party started. Perfect for start-ups eager to make an immediate impact.

Success Story

Learn how we helped Cove Drinks on a national level.

Ryan & John embarked on their venture at the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market, crafting their unique Kombucha blend. Committed to fostering a healthy lifestyle through delightful and nutritious beverages, Cove Drinks is now available across Canada and found on the shelves of top retailers like Whole Foods Market, Costco Wholesale, and Sobeys.

Great experience working with the Antimatter team! Their expertise was so valuable in bringing our website vision to life. The team was available to discuss edits/pivots in the project and open to working collaboratively to make sure everyone was happy with the finished product.

Shelby Parkinson
Sales Operations Manager


How long does a typical web development project take from start to finish?

Every project is unique, but on average, our web development projects span 6-8 weeks. This timeline ensures we thoroughly understand your objectives, design a site that resonates with your audience, and rigorously test for optimal performance.

Absolutely! We take pride in our work and have collaborated with diverse brands, helping them shine in the digital realm.

We know mobile-responsiveness and SEO are essential. Our design process starts with a mobile-first approach, ensuring your site looks impeccable and functions seamlessly on all devices. Additionally, our SEO experts are involved from the get-go, optimizing every element from site structure to meta tags.

Yes, we do! Our relationship doesn’t end at launch. Our post-launch support ensures your website remains updated, secure, and performing at its peak. Consider us your ongoing digital partner for technical tweaks, content updates, or performance monitoring.

Your brand’s voice is unique, and we’re here to amplify it, not change it. Our content creation process is collaborative. We’ll draft content that aligns with your brand’s tone and message, and you’ll have full review rights. We welcome feedback and revisions to ensure the final content resonates with your brand and audience.

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