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In everything we do we believe in challenging the narrative. We believe that there is a possibility for a different present and future.

We challenge societal narratives by making marketing simple. We create websites that are beautifully designed, easy to use, with step by step guides for success. We build winners step by step:  #1 Branding , #2 Website Development , #3 SEO Strategy , #4 Print Marketing , #5 Public Relations, #6 Data Collection and #7 Retargeting. 



5 years ago Nicholas Stoddard & Brandon Crowe had their first taste of what it was like to go viral overnight. One of their first clients was featured in a Youtube video that generated over 800,000 views and as a result it produced an overwhelming amount of leads for their new marketing agency. This would be the first time the team went viral but it wouldn’t be the last.

What seemed impossible would happen again and again in their career, taking a local business idea to 1.2 million Facebook views in a single year and over 10,000 products sold online across 23 cities in Canada. 

What was once luck became a strategy. The two attribute all of their success to 7 steps that they’ve used with hundreds of clients until today. Welcome to Antimatter Creative Labs where we create your online universe.


We are Halifax’s favourite Mortgage Broker Marketing Agency

Antimatter Creative Labs is the lead marketing agency in Halifax for independent mortgage brokers and mortgage agencies. We help Mortgage Brokers develop their Mortgage SEO, Mortgage Broker Marketing, website development, branding and commercial mortgage websites. We’ve been in Mortgage business for over 7 years and are excited to share with you simple marketing secrets that separate the rest from the pack. We’re also proud to be the marketing agency of choice for Premiere Mortgage for over 6 years. Working with Canada’s leading mortgage agency allows our agency to work, develop and strategize with hundreds of brokers giving each their own unique strategy. Click the link below to learn more about our Mortgage Broker marketing services.

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Real Estate Print Agency – Print Today!

Antimatter Creative Labs makes it easy for Halifax Real Estate agents to print, store and modify their print files all in one place. Join over 500 hundred agents who use Antimatter Creative Labs not only for their Halifax marketing but for their agency print. Click the link below and start printing your business cards, for sale signs, sign riders, postcards, stationary, marketing materials and more. Print marketing is an important part of networking and can serve as a billboard in neighborhoods looking to buy and sell property in Halifax. Use our promo code Halifax-print to save 10% on your first print order with Antimatter Creative Labs print services.

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Halifax Real Estate Marketing Agency of Choice

Antimatter Creative Labs is the Real Estate Marketing Agency of choice. It is no secret that the Real Estate industry is competitive, that is why it’s important to hire a marketing agency with experience in Website Development, IDX feeds, SEO services for Realtors, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Lead generation and data collection. We’ve been in business for over 6 years and are excited to share with you simple marketing secrets that separate the rest from the pack. If you’re a Realtor you should be asking yourself this simple question: “How can I generate organic leads while I sleep?”  If you don’t have an answer to this question then you should click below to learn more about our marketing services.

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Local Business Marketing Agency Support

Local business success is the cornerstone to a healthy economy. It’s important that the Halifax Marketing agency that you choose can produce the results you need for your services or product sales. Antimatter Creative Labs prides itself on results and producing a return on investment when working with local businesses. Antimatter Creative has 7 steps to marketing success that includes Branding, Web Development, Print Marketing Strategy, SEO Marketing Services, Public Relations Marketing, Data Collection and Retarget Marketing. It is important that local businesses in Halifax are able to compete with large corporations without overspending and without wasting time. The only way local businesses will be able to compete in the online marketing space is to first create the foundation that brings in weekly leads and traffic. That is why it’s important to cover all 7 steps to create your marketing foundation. It is vital to work with the right Halifax Marketing Agency that can help you accomplish your goals. Click the link below to find out more about our Local Business Marketing Tools.

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What is it like working with Antimatter Creative Labs?

“I cannot overstate how great it is to work with Antimatter Creative. The team is absolutely incredible at bringing your idea and messaging to life. Super responsive and easy to work with, Nick and co. are HEROS in the digital/creative arenas! 11/10!”
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Conduit Voice Media, CEO
The guys at Antimatter did an amazing job building our new Cove Drinks website and it was a pleasure to work with this company! 10/10 would recommend for all of your web-based needs! Looking forward to working with them again in the future.
Visit Cove Drinks
Cove Drinks

Marketing Growth Engine: Never be confused about your marketing direction again.


Halifax Non-profit marketing agency

Our Halifax community needs non-profit organizations and we’re proud to say that our marketing agency has special rates for all non-profit organizations across Canada and the United States. Similar to small businesses, non-profits have a hard time being heard in this noisey internet marketing world. Antimatter Creative Labs has experience raising awareness for various non-profit organizations through strategic marketing which includes the following: Website development, Video Development, SEO Marketing services, Print Marketing, Event Fundraising, Grant writing and Branding. Covering the simple fundamentals of marketing allows non-profits in Halifax to raise awareness, funding, volunteer support, local media support and recognition from the federal and provincial government. It is important for marketing agencies to support and produce results for these non-profit organizations to ensure they stay and grow with our community.

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