Duinkerken Foods: New E-Commerce website & 100% return on SEO within the first 4 months

E-Commerce Development
Industry: Food & Beverage

About Duinkerken Foods

Duinkerken Foods, a forward-thinking company in the food and beverage sector, is renowned for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Striving to extend its reach and influence in the digital realm, Duinkerken Foods sought to revitalize its online presence, ensuring a seamless customer experience and heightened market visibility.

The Challenge

Duinkerken Foods faced a dual challenge: underwhelming online traffic and a digital presence that didn’t fully reflect its brand excellence. The company’s website required a complete overhaul in terms of user experience, e-commerce functionality, and search engine optimization. The goal was not just to attract more visitors but to ensure these visits translated into tangible business growth and enhanced brand recognition.

Antimatter’s Solution

In November 2023, Duinkerken Foods partnered with Antimatter, embarking on a comprehensive digital transformation journey. Antimatter’s approach was threefold:

E-Commerce System Revamp
Antimatter redesigned the online shopping experience, focusing on user-friendliness and efficient customer journey pathways. This included streamlining the checkout process and ensuring mobile responsiveness, crucial for today’s online shoppers.

Content Repositioning
Understanding the power of engaging content, Antimatter rewrote website text to resonate more deeply with Duinkerken Foods’ target audience. This involved crafting compelling product descriptions, informative blogs, and persuasive call-to-actions, all aligned with the brand’s voice.

SEO Strategy Overhaul
A significant focus was placed on improving Duinkerken Foods’ search engine rankings. Antimatter implemented a robust SEO strategy, including keyword optimization, H1 header restructuring, and the removal of 700 toxic backlinks. This not only enhanced Duinkerken Foods’ search engine visibility but also fortified its digital credibility.

Impressive Outcomes

The Antimatter Difference

Antimatter’s success with Duinkerken Foods is a testament to their expertise in creating tailored digital solutions that resonate with a brand’s unique identity and objectives. The project went beyond mere technical improvements, instilling a new sense of digital empowerment in Duinkerken Foods.


Duinkerken Foods’ collaboration with Antimatter illustrates the transformative power of a well-executed digital strategy. The project not only elevated the company’s online presence but also positioned it as a formidable player in the competitive food and beverage e-commerce space. Antimatter’s holistic approach, combining technical prowess with strategic insight, has set a new benchmark for digital excellence in the industry.