Canada’s 2nd Largest Pub Crawl Company Goes Viral with 1.2 Million Facebook views and 10,000 additional ticket sales.

Team as a service & E-commerce
Industry: Event Management

About DFE Management

Dart Frog Events, a Nova Scotia-based events management company, led the way in themed event management within the region by utilizing augmented reality and scavenger hunts. They were pioneers in incorporating new-aged technology into all of their events selling thousands of tickets each year in Halifax.

The Challenge

Following DFE Management’s growth across Nova Scotia the company was met with the challenge of exporting their events into other provinces across Canada and the United States. In order to this, they chose to focus firstly on their customer services, merchant operations and marketing.

DFE was eager to maintain its edge in new-aged technology. Yet, this drive inadvertently complicated their onboarding process, which was essential for quick sales and transactions during expansion. It’s akin to the proverbial “standing too close to the elephant”—when one is too close to a situation, it’s hard to see the bigger picture or the entirety of the challenge at hand.

DFE Management understood that their strength was in their ability to create amazing themed events and needed a solution for marketing, onboarding and sales.

What did Antimatter do?

n the dynamic landscape of event management, DFE Management stood as a local powerhouse, known for their unique themed events. However, to expand their horizons and reach a wider audience, they partnered with Antimatter. In a strategic move, Antimatter launched A/B Facebook marketing campaigns and reviewed the competition, transforming DFE from a local favorite to a viral sensation almost overnight. This was paired with a comprehensive online promotion strategy, a seamless e-commerce experience boasting a user-friendly UI/UX, and robust SEO tactics that ensured DFE’s visibility was second to none.

Antimatter’s touch wasn’t just digital our team as a service collaboration extended to creative brainstorming, leading to innovative event themes and fundraising ideas backed by Google search and analytics. Furthermore, with well-crafted press releases, DFE’s reputation was cemented not just among their audience but in industry conversations. The partnership between DFE and Antimatter showcases the profound impact of blending digital strategy with creative innovation.