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Team as a service & CMS Development
Industry: Mortgage & Insurance

About Premiere Mortgage

Premiere Mortgage Centre boasts a team of over 150 independent brokers, each deeply entrenched in their respective communities. Their primary mission is to provide clients with tailored guidance in acquiring the most favourable mortgage and insurance packages, leveraging their unique local expertise.

The Challenge

Following Premiere’s rapid growth, Premiere Mortgage was looking to achieve enterprise-wide operational efficiencies and alignment. In order to do this, they chose to focus firstly on their internal processes, recognizing that using multiple different softwares services was adding to their disorganization, growing costs and internal misalignment.

Additionally, in the face of increasing industry regulation and compliance requirements, Premiere was eager to stay ahead of the curve in responding to industry changes, whilst also maintaining the relentless customer focus by supporting their brokers with the right tools.

Premiere’s fast-paced expansion had resulted in a lack of processes, consistency & standardization within their organization. The numerous manual and non-transparent processes at play were something Premiere Mortgage was keen to address.

What did Antimatter do?

Premiere & Antimatter share an appreciation for systems and the power of combining a communication tool with a management software that gives independent brokers the freedom of feeling independent without misalignment. This made our partnership very easy and an obvious choice. Antimatter has been working with Premiere since November 2018 in 3 key workstreams: Internal Management Software, Organizing Workflow & Communication, Branding and positioning.

Migrating To A Single Management Software – Antimatter is working with the Premiere to identify, design, build, test and deploy automated solutions using Antimatter’s Propritary Software. Thus far Antimatter has delivered a single tool that has replaced Premiere’s existing systems that is automated across 10 core business functions: Management & Leadership, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal & Compliance, Quality Assurance & Control, Data Analytics, Internal Communication and Training & Development.

Workflows & Communication – Antimatter led the migration of bringing Premiere’s multi-step process in a single management software that tracks and improves user experience and bahvaiour. Used as a communication tool to bring groups and individuals together to quick discuss internal topics. Navigational tools and ChatBot Migration implemented a communication layer for new brokers to enable a seamless transition into their new role.

Branding & Positioning – Antimatter’s implementation of the software included a digital asset manager that allows agents to create, print, and deploy branded websites at scale to enable brand cohesion. Along with this the Antimatter team recreated the Choose Premiere website to reflect their growth and trusted branding.