Koolt’s E-commerce website

E-commerce Development
Industry: Clothing & Print

About Kool T's

Koolt’s has built its reputation on quality and craftsmanship, offering a range of products from banners and stickers to custom-designed apparel. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every product, with the in-house design team playing a pivotal role in the shop’s ongoing success.

The Challenge

As the global market swiftly transitioned to digital, there was a rising demand for online custom apparel design and ordering platforms. Koolt’s faced the dual challenge of digitizing their operations without compromising on their quality and customer-centric approach.

Solution by Antimatter

Antimatter undertook a comprehensive analysis of Koolt’s operations, ethos, and customer base. Post-assessment, the following solutions were implemented:

E-commerce Platform Development: A user-friendly, intuitive platform was crafted, allowing customers to design their apparel seamlessly and place orders online.
Automated Process Integration: Streamlined internal processes for order management, printing, and shipping were introduced, ensuring efficiency without sacrificing Koolt’s signature quality.

Logistics Support: To ensure a smooth transition from order placement to delivery, Antimatter provided guidance and infrastructure support for Koolt’s shipping and receiving processes.