Mr. Smooth Food Truck & Catering

SEO & Web Development
Industry: Food & Beverage

About Mr. Smooth

Pioneering the streets for 18 years, Mr. Smooth stands proud as one of Atlantic Canada’s first black-owned food trucks. A family venture at its core, they’ve transformed their lifetime passion for cooking into a culinary movement. Their commitment? Freshly cooked delights using only the finest ingredients. Beyond just a food truck, they’re a testament to dedication and culinary excellence. Whether curbside or at a bustling festival, experience the revolution that Mr. Smooth brings to the food truck scene.

The Challenge

After 18 illustrious years, Mr. Smooth Food Truck hit an unforeseen roadblock. Despite their rich legacy and unmatched culinary prowess, they found themselves facing the modern challenges of the digital age. With no website, absent marketing strategies, and zero SEO presence, they were navigating the competitive streets blindfolded. This digital disconnect didn’t just hinder their growth; it threatened the very survival of an establishment that had become synonymous with culinary excellence in Atlantic Canada. The iconic truck, once a bustling hub of activity, was on the brink of shutting its windows forever.

The Antimatter Approach

When we met Mr. Smooth Food Truck, we saw a great story waiting to be shared. Our team at Antimatter got to work. We built a simple but catchy website that tells the truck’s story. Next, we spread the word with smart marketing and made sure people could easily find them online with good SEO. Our goal? Make sure Mr. Smooth keeps cooking and their legacy keeps growing.