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About Purple Day

Cassidy Megan’s courageous endeavor to establish Purple Day has transformed the global perspective on epilepsy. As a young girl touched by the condition herself, Cassidy’s initiative is a powerful testament to the influence of personal experience combined with activism. Purple Day isn’t just a day to wear a color; it stands as a beacon of hope and awareness, challenging societal misconceptions and highlighting the experiences of millions affected by epilepsy. The collaboration between Purple Day, the Purple Day Gala, and Association of Epilepsy in the Maritimes is a testament to the strength of united advocacy.

About Purple Day & The Epilepsy Association of the Maritimes

Cassidy Megan was driven by a singular goal: transform global views on epilepsy. From her own struggles, she recognized the need for a potent brand and a relatable mascot to rally supporters and shatter misconceptions. With this vision, Cassidy sought to craft a resonant message, onboard ambassadors, and forge strategic partnerships for marketing and fundraising. She aimed not just to create a brand, but to ignite a movement.

The Challenge

Antimatter stepped up to bring this dream to life. At the heart of their strategy was the hummingbird—a symbol of fierce resilience. This tiny but mighty bird became the centerpiece of a vibrant new logo. But Antimatter did more than just design—they reimagined. They crafted user-friendly software to connect and inspire a growing team of ambassadors. They became the backbone for events, ensuring every gathering was a hit. And through hands-on workshops and strategy sessions, they laid out a clear roadmap for Cassidy’s vision. Every step, from the hummingbird emblem to event support, was all about making a difference—making epilepsy understood and supported worldwide.