Skyrocketing The Loonie Hour: 90,000 Weekly Listeners Achieved with Antimatter's Expertise

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Industry: Financial

About the Loonie Hour

The Loonie Hour is Canada’s go-to financial podcast, shining a light on Canadian financial markets and real estate. They don’t give direct investment tips, but they share clear insights into what’s happening.

The Challenge

Richard, Steve, and Keith had an idea for a Podcast called the Loonie Hour where they would discuss the Canadian Market and shed light on potential issues. More than just a podcast, they envisioned a brand to captivate their listeners and gently nudge them into becoming loyal clients. They had the blueprint, but they needed the right team to bring it to life.

The Antimatter touch

Antimatter dove deep, uncovering the quirks and passions of Richard, Steve, and Keith. The mission? Craft a brand that’s a playful blend of fun, flair, and unmistakable Canadian vibes. The outcome? The Loonie Hour branding that’s not just visible but irresistibly catchy! And oh, they jazzed up the colours so it sizzles across YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify. 🍁🎉🎵