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There’s a lot going on in Halifax, and although it’s a small town, some people are only clued in on the mediums they consume. Meaning, if you only watch eastlink, you’ll have no idea what’s going on on instagram or vice versa. Social media in Halifax, and in the rest of the world is independent of the mainstream media run by your local corporate conglomerates. Social media in Halifax is rich, full of character, and not gratuites, much like the people themselves. This article will delve into how to connect to Haligonians, what not to do, and how Antimatter can help you.

Social Media Halifax ConnectHow to Connect

Social Media in Halifax is just a mirror of the people in Halifax. You gotta understand the folks before you initiate any sort of engagement on social media with them. The rundown is that they are hard working, kind-hearted, and down to earth people. They don’t value flashiness or any byproduct of it. These are people that value connection, quality of interaction, and humility. Meaning any sort of flashy ads that cater to the ego will usually fall on deaf ears. Instead, you’re better off using humor and wit to connect with the social media audience here. Not to mention, vulnerability. This is a huge one. Haligonians value personal growth, and how else do you get personal growth without being vulnerable in the first place? That isn’t to say come and expose your deepest and darkest secrets. What we’re saying is simple: be real. They absolutely love it.

Social Media Halifax (Be Honest)Just Be Real

You might be wondering, well, how does being real have to do with promoting through social media in Halifax? Easy. Real stories connect with real people. And Halifax is full of real, down-to-earth people. So level with them. Focus on charity, giving back, and enriching the community they live in. These initiatives or intentions tend to decide how your promotions will go. Think about it. You wouldn’t prompt every product the same, otherwise, what’s the point in the first place? It’s a grass roots approach that takes the thinking out of the equation by virtue of the nature of intention. It also is a great measuring stick for what kind of businesses fare better in Halifax. If you focus on these character enriching and growth based marketing values, then you will win the hearts of people in Halifax through social media. 

Social Media Halifax How We Antimatter Can HelpHow Antimatter Can Help

It’s simple. We’re a marketing agency that allows small businesses to compete with big ones, big businesses to save money, and non-profits to increase their impact, and employees to grow into their potential. This doesn’t come without some level of understanding of the human psyche, and the nuance from community to community, province to province, and country to country. Marketing at the end of the day, is communication between businesses, which is a group of people, to the customer, who is an individual. You can scale it up to whatever level of sophistication you like, but at the end of the day, that’s all it is. The bottom line is, we understand how to connect to social media in Halifax because we understand people in Halifax.