How to Choose The Right Digital Marketing Agency in Charlotte NC

Finding a digital marketing agency in Charlotte NC is easy. The difficult part is deciding which digital marketing agency in Charlotte to hire. The Hornet’s Nest is thriving and your business success depends on working with the right agency. Today, anyone with a laptop can create a marketing agency and start offering services as a business. The barrier to entry is easy because of the low start up costs.  As a result, choosing the right digital marketing agency in Charlotte is very difficult.  In this blog, we cover what to look for, what to avoid, how to make the most of your digital marketing agency, in our top 5 recommendations.  But first, let’s start at the beginning. 

Let’s Define Digital Marketing

Digital marketing whether you’re in Charlotte or anywhere else in the world is advertising broadcasted through digital channels such as tv, radio, social media, mobile, e-mail, websites, podcasts, search engines, or any relevant digital channel. In short, digital marketing is any format of marketing products or services that involves electronic devices, which is the reason why it has been around for decades. Digital marketing can be done online and offline, and in fact, both kinds are important for a well-rounded digital marketing strategy to compete within the Charlotte landscape. 

Recommendations #1.

Know your goals and desired outcomes Every business is different, as is every digital marketing agency in Charlotte NC. Digital marketing agencies typically specialize in one or two areas. While many of them are “full-service,” they typically prefer projects within their scope of speciality. So our first recommendation for finding the right digital marketing agency in Charlotte NC is to understand your goals and what you hope to achieve by working with that particular agency.  It may be easier to break this down into tracked deliverables, the goal of each deliverable, and the outcome you wish to achieve. Knowing these things helps you communicate what you wish to get out of the project.  Here is an example of a deliverable that you could write. Goal: Bring more of the right visitors to your website and or company with high-quality content Deliverable: a fully managed content marketing plan, strategy, and system End result: a systemized blog 100% managed by someone else 

Recommendations #2 

Make sure the agency of choice has the right team members Regardless of the type of services you’re after, it’s crucial to make sure the agency you hire has the right experience and the right team members to suit your project needs.  As an example, you would never hire an agency to create a logo if they don’t have a graphic designer or any examples of graphic design work. Look through their agency website to see if they have a list of logos they’ve created. If they don’t showcase their work, ask the agency if they can provide the name of the designer who will be working on the project and an example of their past work.  If the company does not have a portfolio ask if they have any testimonials you can check out. Always do a background check on their Linkedin, Instagram or Facebook. 

Recommendations #3

Does the agency practice what they preach?  How does that agency market itself? Look at the agency’s content and question whether it’s engaging, educational and well written.  How effective are their ads? Does their website load quickly on all platforms? Does their social media voice their brand clearly and do they interact with comments reliably?  Of course, agencies will promote their own business differently from how they market yours. But when choosing a digital marketing agency in Charlotte, you want evidence they can do for themselves what they have promised to do for you.

Recommendations #4

Would you happily marry this agency?  When you hire a digital marketing agency in Charlotte, you are committing to a special relationship. Your company and marketing agency will work together for a common goal: growing your business and brand recognition. Can you envision working in harmony with the agency staff for years to come? Are they transparent and have open lines of communication? Before you sign a contract, get to know the agency principals and other players. If something doesn’t feel right, trust your gut – and move on.

Recommendations #5

Online stores and eCommerce businesses have so many layers and require years of experience to develop, launch and sell online. So, finding a digital marketing agency in Charlotte NC with the experience will help you know the depth of their understanding.  Successful eCommerce websites require experience in the following areas:

  • Web organization
  • Excel organization 
  • Marketing 
  • UX/UI
  • Online advertising 
  • Data storage 
  • Graphic design 
  • Processing payments 
  • Tax & shipping 

If the digital marketing agency in Charlotte NC has built successful E-Commerce websites or better yet software as a service well that is a bonus and they probably have the experience you require. 

Bonus Tip! 

Smart marketers understand the importance of displaying positive public relationships with the community. So, if you can’t find a single article, donation or any interactions with the community well the chances are they’re not active marketers in their communities. If that doesn’t align with your goal then move on. 


When hiring a digital marketing agency in Charlotte NC remember that they will be an extension of your team. Each project, big or small, deserves the attention of a true industry expert. However, choosing the right digital marketing agency often feels overwhelming.  With tens of thousands of agencies to choose from, that’s no surprise. But now you know what to look for, what to avoid, and how to prepare your team. Use the tips and characteristics we talked about next time you’re on the hunt for a Charlotte NC digital marketing agency ready to bring your ideas to life. Ever wonder what the process of designing a logo looks like? Here’s an article on how we do it.

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