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50 Shades Of Purple Entrance Sign (Newfoundland Website Design)Marketing is a funny thing. You’d think that you need a full campaign and the kitchen sink to reel people in. And sometimes you do. The funny thing is, oftentimes you don’t and that’s the new normal. We managed to reel in 500 ticket sales, remotely. With a simple video and some strategic marketing, we managed to make our ideal goals a reality. It was as simple as creating a website design with targeted keywords for Newfoundland.

Harry Potter Pub crawl (Newfoundland Website Design)What We Did

We understood that Harry Potter had a huge presence in many people’s lives over the years, but not much more than that. What I mean is, there wasn’t a social event that welcomed that specific demographic. Nick (CEO of Antimatter) noticed that there was something common about the Harry Potter fans in his area. They wanted to socialize, but they felt alienated that socializing essentially ment getting inappropriately drunk. At least, that was the climate they lived in. Nick realized that not only could he help so many people blow off steam in a way they had yearned for… but he realized he could be helping himself by fulfilling his passion of being a business owner. So Nick grabbed onto the ingenious idea, and he ran with it, all the way to Newfoundland via website design. And it caught on, like a flame.

Why It Worked

Ravenclaw (Harry Potter Pubcrawl)


Road signs to Hogwarts and Diagon Alley (Newfoundland Website Design)

Nick knew it would work. It was as simple as aligning things that had an affinity towards each other. A demographic of unsocialized die hard fans, and a great franchise that was socially unfulfilled in the Maritimes. The surprising thing is that all Nick spent on the marketing budget was $500 dollars. That $500 yielded 500 ticket sales for Dart Frog Events. Just $500 dollars in marketing that would cost them $1 per attendee. Internet marketing with strategic (Newfoundland) website design is the sole reason this took off the way it did. Now we aren’t saying throw together a website design and call it a day. It has to be beautiful and it has to be of quality. This simple recipe allowed us to grow Dart Frog events in Newfoundland in minutes.

50 Shades Of Purple Couple)We Can Do It Again, For You

Steampunk Masquerade Ball


It might come as a surprise for you to know this, but we only let the ad run for 2 weeks. It produced 5,000 views and 500 tickets. This wasn’t a surprise for us, because it’s what we expected to happen. Keep in mind, Nick and the Antimatter crew studied the climate, and noticed this not by chance. The thing about strategy is that it relies on knowing the correct information, having the tenacity of timely action, and the patience to yield the reward. The Harry Potter pub crawl was just one event. There have been numerous ones since. Ranging from Pride, Game Of Thrones, Star Wars, and Fifty Shades of Purple just to name a few. The Harry Potter event is a proof of concept for our Newfoundland website design. But it’s not limited to Newfoundland. We can apply the same winning formula in Nova Scotia and all across Canada.

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