What Purple Day Gala Halifax Taught Us

Why Nonprofits?

Being the main sponsor for Purple Day Gala has been amazing for Antimatter to say the least. But that’s not what we want to focus on today. We want to bring your attention to what really matters. And that is supporting your local nonprofits. Our hearts were inspired by Cassidy Megan’s movement to cure the stigma and ignorance surrounding epilepsy. We worked closely With Cassidy by sponsoring the Purple Day Gala in Halifax.

Cassidy Megan, Founder Of Purple DayCassidy Megan

You might know Cassidy Megan because of the Purple Day Gala in Halifax (and also the rest of the world). However, what you might not know is that the first purple day was launched March 26, 2008. The founder, Cassidy Megan, was only 9 years old. She was inspired to spread awareness about epilepsy. It also educates people on how to respond to the varying types of seizures. The main motivation for Cassidy Megan mirrors the motivation Annita Kaufman had when she created the Anita Kaufmann Foundation. That was to eliminate discrimination against people who experience seizures.

Young Cassidy MeganCassidy Megan With Astronaut, In NASA, Texas (Purple Day)A Bright Mind, With A Big Heart

At the tender age of 9 Cassidy Megan wanted to inspire people with epilepsy to keep dreaming and living life to the fullest. She wanted to remind people there is no difference between each other. That we are all equal and deserve to be treated as such. Fast forward to 2019 Cassidy Megan was celebrating Purple Day in DisneyLand, Florida. Needless to say, the little kid from 2008 was on to something big.

Celebrated In Over 100 CountriesPurple Day In SpaceCelebrated in Over 100 Countries

We got to see the impact she had because we worked so close together. Today, over 100 countries celebrate Purple Day. Quite poetically, Purple Days’ 10 year anniversary was celebrated in space on March 26, 2018. Astronaut Ricky Arnold wore a commemorative Purple Day shirt while he was in the international space station. The event was held at NASA in Texas, and organized by Purple Days USA Global partner, the Anita Kaufmann Foundation. The Anita Kaufmann Foundation joined with The Epilepsy Association of the Maritimes and launched Purple Day globally in 2009. It goes without saying that Cassidy inspired many people of varying backgrounds to come together on one common goal: Taking care of one another.

Epilepsy StatisticsUp Close And Personal

We had the special privilege of designing their Purple Day Gala event since 2018. We designed their website, booklets, menus, photos, and even brought them a photobooth to the gala. Which means we attended their events in person. We even designed a new logo for the Epilepsy Association of the Maritimes. You can safely say that by working so up close and personal with Cassidy, the value of such a movement has not been lost on us. We saw the impact it had on the people that attended the gala. As a result, it’s had an impact on us as well.  It’s because of working so closely together that we became advocates for working with nonprofits. It adds a level of quality and purpose to your business that cannot be achieved otherwise.

You Make A Difference

As long as we are able to, we will always look to support local nonprofits, and advocate for others as well. It’s not a coincidence that every year we maintain our view on the importance of working with nonprofits. It’s because every year we design the Purple Day Gala in Halifax. This reinstates our perspective and keeps it fresh in our minds. It’s why we advocate for working with nonprofits here in Halifax. Otherwise, you forget. Humans forget. It’s just a part of life. So make a little room to help someone. It makes a big difference. We love working with establishments that give back. We created custom software for another client that gives back to the community. The Delmore ‘Buddy’ Daye Learning Institute (DBDLI).

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